Spring has finally sprung! 20 great scents to fill your home with happiness and wonderful fragrance! Now we offer more choices than ever. You pick your scent and add it to your own jar or wax melt. Choose a 4 oz tin, 8 oz mason, 16 oz mason, or our new 16 oz double wick jars with recycled gold lids. Please browse through our photos for the scent choices and descriptions.


*If you are choosing our 16 oz double wick jars, please note, they may have scratches on the lids due to the fact that they are recycled metals. Not only do they still have a beautiful and elegant look but you're helping in our efforts to eliminate waste!


What size do I need for my space?


  • Wax Melts - great for small to medium size rooms (depending on the amount of wax you use)
  • 4oz tins - great for smaller spaces i.e. bathrooms, office, and make perfect travel candles
  • 8oz mason jars - great for medium-large size spaces such as bedrooms, kitchens, and medium-sized living rooms
  • 16oz mason and double wick - great for larger spaces such as large kitchens, living rooms, or if you prefer a stronger scented candle in a medium-size space

Spring Collection - Choose Your Jar

  • Wax Melt burn time: 24 hrs

    4 oz tin burn time: 20 - 24 hrs

    8 oz Mason Jar burn time: 40 - 28 hrs (lid color may vary)

    16 oz Mason Jar burn time: 80 - 96 hrs (lid color may vary)

    16 oz double wick: 80 - 96 hrs

    Each product is made with a soy blend wax. 


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