If you like Pina Colada's and getting caught in the rain, are a beach lover, or both, then this collection is for you! Buy them separately or as a set for the full experience of a weekend getaway and save more!


Our Pina Colada candles are made in a real coconut shell and are scented in a lovely pineapple fragrance. Each candle contains a drink umbrella with wax fruit pieces.


Our Island Escape candle features sand and real shells with gel wax scented in a luxurious ocean fragrance.

PLEASE NOTE* Remove the umbrella before burning the Pina Colada Candle. Due to the natural sizes of the coconuts, there will be a size variation between each. For that reason, we have chosen an average price to ensure they are priced fairly for you.


If you are choosing the Island Escape Candle for safest practice DO NOT BURN FOR MORE THAN 4HRS AT A TIME! 

Weekend Getaway - Beach & Pina Colada

  • Pina Colada burn time varies by size: from 45 - 72hrs, soy blend

    Island escape burn time: 50+ hrs, gel wax